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GBWhatsApp Pro Apk Download V17.30 (GB WhatsApp) update

GBWhatsApp Pro is one of the most beloved and often-utilized WhatsApp applications around – and its updates are accessible right here for your convenience. To ensure you stay up-to-date with all of the latest features, we provide swift, direct links that guarantee a smooth, free download of the newest GB WhatsApp Pro update.

The App necessitates frequent updates, so we supply a direct and speedy link to download the most recent GBWA update for free. Easily access the latest version of this app with just one click, helping you stay up-to-date with the newest features and enjoy an optimal experience!

GB WhatsApp Pro download

GB WhatsApp Pro Download Latest Version

Downloading the link for GBWhatsApp Pro can be found on this page. Furthermore, this page provides a comprehensive description of the app’s features and components.

What’s GB WhatsApp Pro?

GBWA Pro comes with many unique and advanced features, allowing users to customize their WhatsApp experience. It holds a variety of options for customization of font style, colors, and loads of other exciting add-ons. With GBWA Pro, you can take control of your WhatsApp experience and make it your own!

GBWhatsApp Pro, created by Alex and one of the AlexaMods apps like OG WhatsApp, has distinguishing features which set it apart from similar versions. it offers users a host of advanced features like hiding last seen and password protection.

Furthermore, it ensures optimum privacy by disabling its contacts’ read receipts. With GBWA Pro, you can also hide pictures and videos received from your WhatsApp contacts. Additionally, its elegant design makes for quick usability and access to features is straightforward.

Additionally, this app provides many configurations and a user-friendly interface to make chatting and messaging easier.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro Apk available for free download?

Everyone has the opportunity to acquire GBWhatsApp Pro without a single expense! Simply visit our website and make use of our direct, costless link to download GBWA Pro.

Enjoy all of the features of GBWA for free.

How do I download GB WhatsApp update?

The GB WA Pro app can be updated by following the following steps:

  1. Download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk the latest version.
  2. Install the GBWA Pro Apk file on your phone.
  3. Then, open the app and have fun.

GBWhatsApp Pro Download Link

Boost your WhatsApp experience with the newest version of GBWhatsApp – accessible right here, right now. Simply click the download button at the top of this page, or check out the convenient link just below to get your upgrade!

GBWhatsApp Pro V17.30 download Page

At long last, once you have finished downloading GB WhatsApp Pro, you can explore the fantastic features and extras that GBWA offers. There’s no need to wait any longer; enjoy what this app has to offer!

GB WhatsApp Pro V17.30 update features and additions

Let’s dive right into exploring some of the fabulous features and additions available in the amazing GBWhatsApp Pro app! From highly sought-after app to top-notch enhancements, it’s sure to take your user experience to new heights!

Common Features

Hide last seen from others

With GB WhatsApp Pro, you can discreetly hide your online status on WhatsApp, making it one of the most sought-after privacy features available.

Share long statuses

The official WhatsApp app affords users with a maximum of 40 seconds for posting status updates. Meanwhile, GBWA Pro lets you post longer status, thus eliminating the need to trim down clips on WhatsApp statuses.

Arriving and reading messages check marks

This feature works in tandem with the “hide last seen” feature. Some users require the ability to use WhatsApp with more privacy.

This feature works in perfect harmony with the “hide last seen” feature – giving some users a greater degree of privacy while using WhatsApp. You can take advantage of the GBWhatsApp Pro update and gain access to the two features of concealing your presence and hiding the check mark that appears when you read a message.

Send high-resolution media

Before being sent, photos are compressed in official WhatsApp. However, with GBWA, images can be delivered in their original resolution – without any compression needed!

Other Features

Enable the saving of profile pictures.

Access the “Download Status” button in the status viewing interface to save statuses—and any form of media like videos and published photos.

Moreover, all these incredible features and extras apply to both your contacts, groups, as well as group messages – making this the perfect messaging solution!

New and repaired additions to GBWhatsApp Pro update

GBWA Pro has recently been imbued with new add-ons and had some existing ones fixed, making it more robust than ever.

  • Retain messages after they’re received, ensuring they can’t be deleted.
  • Track and display WhatsApp statuses which have been erased.
  • Mask the forwarding symbol, as well as the “last seen” timestamp.
  • Offer an airplane mode extension with multiple lock security options and a night mode feature.

Finally, after reviewing the most useful features and highlighting the new additions of GB WhatsApp Pro, why not download the app and have a blast?

Performance of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk

GBWA Pro performance passes the following tests:

  • It boast a light and efficient performance
  • It is proving reliable with no crash or compatibility issues.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp Pro Apk

Despite the numerous advantages offered by GBWA Pro, there are some notable drawbacks to consider. For instance:

  • The App sometimes may result in your account being banned.
  • It needs updating every 2 month.
  • The application is not official.
  • Unfortunately, this app does not provide compatibility with iPhones.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro safe?

We should not make a judgement about the GB WhatsApp Pro version based on its setup alone, as it is a third-party customized version for WhatsApp. Nonetheless, we can still evaluate the app’s security by examining its proliferation.

Millions of people across the globe have already downloaded and are actively utilizing the application; in turn, the developer puts security as their number one priority to ensure that users feel safe and secure.


The website for the GBWhatsApp Pro update provides visitors with all the information they need to know about the app, from direct download links to an outline of each exciting feature and addition. Get downloading today!

Once you are well-versed on the details of GB WhatsApp Pro download, you should hasten to get it set up on your phone and start experiencing the multitude of advantageous features! Additionally, feel free to check out additional accessories that weren’t even mentioned in the overview. It’s time to take your messaging experience to the next level!

WhatsApp Apk details

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GBWhatsApp Pro


Alex Mods

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